"Threshold" at Exhibition Opening

Steel, Mesh, Bronze Paint, Patina
96" x 96" x 84"

Handmade Paper, Paper Litho Prints, Suture Thread
36" x 14" x 6"

Head in Hand, Hand in Head
Cast Handmade Paper
10" x 18" x 8"
Temporary Installation; Not for Sale

Handmade Paper, Paper Litho Prints, Pastel, Birch
28" x 22"

Cast Handmade Paper
16" x 28" x 20"
Temporary Installation; Not for Sale

Casting Compound, Digital Projection
48" Tall
Temporary Installation; Not for Sale

The Audience
Charcoal and Oil Stick on Birch Panel
48" x 48"
Private Collection

Handmade Paper on Birch Panel
28" x 22"
Private Collection

Like a Veil I Wear
Collaged Prints, Handmade Paper, Graphite, Prismacolor
6.875" x 5.4375"

Sride (front view)
Ceramic, Oil Paint, Dry Pigment
20" Tall
Private Collection

Handmade Paper and Serigraphy Ink on Wood
10" x 8"

Monoprint, Pastel, Paper Litho Prints
24 "x 18"
Private Collection

Handmade Paper, Graphite, Watercolor, Paper Litho Prints
4" x 4"
Private Collection

Handmade Paper, Graphite, Ink, Acrylic, Paper Litho Prints
6" x 6"
Private Collection

The Little Things
Paper Litho Print
14" x 11"
Private Collection

Cast Handmade Paper, Paper Litho Prints
20" x 6" x 7"
Private Collection

Empty Vessel
Cast Handmade Paper, Cast Paper Litho Prints
10" x 6" x 4"
Collection of Austin Peay State University

Charcoal and White Chalk on Paper
24" x 18"

Not the Body Only
Charcoal on Paper
22" x 16"

Ceramic, Bronze Paint, Patina
6" Tall
Not for Sale

One Step Forward... (front view)
Cast Iron
8" Tall
Collection of the Artist

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